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Choosing a Home Inspector authorChoosing a Home Inspector
by Bob Wills of BW Inspection Services

Besides cost, there are a number of things to consider when choosing a Home Inspector to inspect your new home. Most people that call our office usually ask only one question! "How much do you charge for a home inspection?" Though this is a pertinent question when seeking a home inspection, it should not be the main concern.

Many homebuyers do not know what else to ask. Since this person will be inspecting the most valuable possesion you may possibly ever purchase, here are a few ideas along with a list of questions you should consider asking when calling about a home inspection.

Although some real estate agents offer their clients a short list of in house home inspectors that have good reputations and are recommended regularly, be wary of agents that try to suggest one inspector in particular as there may be personal reasons behind this such as the inspector working closely with the agent and will be willing to overlook some issues in order to keep getting referrals.

This conflict of interest is quite common and has spawned home inspection organizations such as IHINA (Independent Home Inspectors of North America) and FIHI (Foundation for Independent Home Inspectors) who’s members do not solicit real estate agencies for business for this reason and instead, rely on other methods to acquire work.

Another thing to consider is the size and reputation of the company. Is it a large business who’s inspectors pump out as many as 3 to 4 inspections a day in order to make a decent income, or a small independent business who offers individual service to each and every customer with no quota to worry about? Which ever you prefer, be sure to check them out thoroughly!

The following is a list of just 9 questions you may want to consider asking when seeking a home inspector for your new property:

1. How long have you been doing Inspections? Make sure the inspector has experience.

2. Approximately how many inspections have you performed? Make sure your not the first on their inspections performed list.

3. What did you do before becoming a home inspector? A person with previous experience in building trades may be a wiser choice than an ex-circus clown, unless the clown had extensive inspection training.

4. Are you Insured? Some states require home inspectors to carry E&O Insurance. Check your states laws to make sure.

5. Can you give me references? Inspectors should be able to offer references from previous clients if requested.

6. What type of report do you offer? Ask what type of report they offer and how soon it will be available.

7. What do you inspect, Roof, Attic, etc? Some inspectors will not traverse a roof or enter a crawlspace. This is understandable if unsafe conditions exist but if not, ask if they will do it or not.

8. Do you include estimates in the report? A large number of home inspectors do not offer any repair or replacement costs in their reports and still others are determined by their state laws. No harm in asking.

9. And Finally! What do you charge? You will find that some home inspectors charge more than others. Obtaining answers to the questions listed above may help you to determine why!

Bob Wills is the owner of BW Inspection Services in Warminster, PA and offers a multitude of inspection services with just one call. He serves the the entire Southeastern region of Pennsylvania including Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Chester, and Delaware counties. You can contact Bob via Email, by visiting his website at: or by calling his office at (215) 442-9399.

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