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  • There is Hope for Your Wet Basement
    by John Martino
    A wet or damp basement is a problem but there are ways to control the problem. As warm air rises in your home it travels to the upper floors and then to the exterior. This is known as the “stack effect”. ..more
  • 10 Do It Youself Home Maintenance and Repair Tips
    by Gerald Warren
    The following article is about 10 very common maintenance or repair problems that are encountered by a residential home owner. I would venture to say that even if you’re just a little bit handy, all ten items can be handled by ..more
  • How to Deal with Difficult Realtors and the Requirements of Disclosure
    by Justin Watts
    Some realtors do not understand that we are doing our job as home inspectors to disclose defects we encounter and to educate our clients on a properties condition is our duty. Home inspectors do not kill deals, buyers and sellers failing to ..more
  • EPA Relative Mold Index (ERMI) - A Powerful New Standardized Mold Investigation
    by Steve Zivolich
    Guaranteed Property Inspection and Mold Investigation has announced the availability of a new standardized mold test suited to screen homes for mold. Based on recently published data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) researchers and the 2006 HUD American Healthy Home ..more
  • Home Inspection 101
    by James Quarello
    The purpose of a home inspection is to inform the individual buyer of the current condition of the home. The purchase contract the buyer and seller signed is contingent on the home inspection. A buyer will generally have the option based ..more
  • Pre-listing Home Inspections
    by John McKenna
    Having a pre-listing home inspection by a qualified home inspector before you list your home for sale can have great benefits. Eventually your buyers are going to conduct a home inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by ..more
  • California Home Inspections - Don't Be Fooled!
    by Brian R. Sumpter
    I have received a number of calls and letters asking about California Home Inspectors, specifically regarding licensing and pricing. This may be a bit rambling, but I really want to offer a complete explanation of the licensing issues within the State ..more
  • New Construction Home Inspections
    by Charles Skoning
    Often a client will call and ask me why they should spend the money on a home inspection for a newly built home. After all, shouldn’t a brand new home be perfect? I have two words for those clients: Construction Oversight. Construction ..more
  • For Whom Is Your Home Inspector Working?
    by Charles Skoning
    The first thought in your mind may be that your home inspector is working for you. I hope that is the case. I have attended marketing training sessions where a well noted speaker talks about the definitions of a customer and ..more
  • Things to Look for Before Selling Your Home
    by Martin D. Lehman
    When I inspect a home there are certain things I always look for and I’m sure most home inspectors know exactly what I mean. These conditions get written up no matter what. And sad to say, many times they go unknown ..more

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