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  • Is Your Home as Fire Safe as You Can Make It?
    by Erby Crofutt
    The answers to these questions will help determine if it is. Do you have the right kind of Fire & Smoke Detectors If your house has natural gas, propane or oil service, or a fireplace/wood stove, do you have Carbon Monoxide Detectors? Are the detectors ..more
  • Crawlspaces and Moisture Problems
    by Jeffrey A. Remas
    Every day that I wake up and head out to inspect someone’s home that has a crawlspace, I could probably fill out some of my inspection forms ahead of time. It is an unfortunate fact that most crawlspaces have moisture problems. As ..more
  • So, Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Home Inspection?
    by Ron W. Ringen
    No matter whom you talk to that is involved in a home sale transaction, whether it be the owner, buyer, or real estate agent, everyone has a certain amount of reservation concerning a home inspection or "termite" inspection. Why? All that ..more
  • Structural Pest Inspections - Peeling The Onion
    by Ron W. Ringen
    Wood pests, wood destroying organisms, structural pests, termites and dryrot, or fungus, whatever or however you refer to them, they are the uninvited unwanted guests that can degrade the wood structure of your home or the home you are interested in ..more
  • Prepare Your House For a Professional Look-See
    by Bill Garwood
    If you are in the process of selling a home, the chances are that sooner or later you will have the home inspected by a professional home inspector. Here is a checklist of 10 ways to make life easier — and ..more
  • Buying a Newly Constructed Home?
    by Dale McNutt
    One of the common misconceptions being circulated today is the notion that newly constructed homes do not need a professional home inspection. After all, the builder has assured you at the walk-through that everything is OK and the house has been ..more
  • Straight Talk About Abandoned In-Ground Oil Tanks
    by Gerald Warren
    One of the frequently asked questions of a new home buyer is, "How do I know if there is an abandoned oil tank on the premises? ’’. As an experienced home inspector, a licensed real estate appraiser and a real estate ..more
  • Blame The Home Inspector
    by Russel Kirk
    Home inspectors get blamed for a lot of stuff, especially when the residence is occupied and fully furnished or when the residence is vacant and unfurnished; in other words, all the time. A home inspection is a visual inspection of the structural ..more
  • Getting Your Home Ready for the Home Inspection
    by David Fogle
    It is typically the seller's responsibility to get the home ready for the inspection. The listing agent should notify the seller of these expectations. The following suggestions will help get the home ready for the home inspection, and minimize the need ..more
  • Mold in the Home
    by David Fogle
    "Mold is Gold" proclaims attorneys across the United States. It is speculated that mold related lawsuits may dwarf tobacco and asbestos lawsuits combined. Television segments explore the "Sick House Syndrome". Newspaper headlines entice their readers with stories of homeowners being forced to ..more

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