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  • Fireplace Safety
    by David Fogle
    As architectural styles and features of residential homes have changed throughout the years, the fireplace remains a desirable amenity. In days gone by, the fireplace served as the primary source of heating and cooking for the home. With the invention of ..more
  • Synthetic Stucco/EIFS
    by David Fogle
    The History of Synthetic Stucco Synthetic Stucco, also known as EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finish System), was first used in Europe after the end of World War II. The product was first installed on commercial buildings in Germany. Synthetic stucco eventually made its way ..more
  • Choosing a Home Inspector
    by Bob Wills
    Besides cost, there are a number of things to consider when choosing a Home Inspector to inspect your new home. Most people that call our office usually ask only one question! "How much do you charge for a home inspection?" Though ..more
  • Electrical Inspections
    by Gerry Aubrey
    How safe is the wiring inside your home? Many homes burn down because of electrical problems created by one owner and inherited by subsequent owners. Letís take a look at the electrical system. Electricians are neat. Are there loose wires hanging ..more
  • Asbestos
    by Gerry Aubrey
    ďI missed out on asbestos, Iím not going to miss out on mold.Ē This is a quote from a fine member of the legal profession present at a mold seminar I attended in Atlanta in October. The impetus for the national ..more
  • Mold
    by Gerry Aubrey
    The latest feeding frenzy for the television and print news media is mold in your home. It will completely destroy your dream home, make it totally uninhabitable and the only solution is a bulldozer. Sounds pretty scary. Has it happened? Yes. ..more
  • Radon Testing - A Good Investment For Your Peace of Mind
    by David Andrick
    Radon is an environmental concern that potentially exists in all homes because every home has some sort of radon level (I have yet to have a test register 0.0 pi/l). Unlike carbon monoxide and/or smoke alarms that can sound off in ..more
  • Don't Let Clutter Ruin Your Home Inspection
    by Leon A. Koscuisko
    You have decided to get a home inspection. This is a smart decision. Now you will want to get the most out of your inspection. Home inspectors everywhere often come across limiting conditions that interfere with a complete report for the ..more
  • MOLD.....It's in every house!
    by David Andrick
    Mold is the latest environmental issue to challenge homeowners and buyers. Since every home has some sort of mold in it (old bread left out sort of counts!), the importance should not be overlooked. It is especially important to understand that ..more
  • Cracks in Basement Walls
    by Gerry Aubrey
    When spring arrives we generally focus our attention on cleaning the house, cleaning the yard, and planting gardens. Before we venture out, letís head to the basement and check something really important: the basement walls. Winter is brutal. Freeze thaw cycles ..more

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